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ONTARGET system update 2021. Work in any browsers and other features

Date of publication: 11.05.2021

The old version of the Ontarget system, which works only in Internet Explorer https://ontargetsystem.ru/manager, will be available until mid-autumn 2021.

So that you can quietly switch to the new system, we have opened access to the beta version at https://manager.ontargetsystem.ru.

The system now works in any browser.

You can enter it with your username and password to work in the Ontarget system. Some of the features may be temporarily lacking, but we release updates weekly.

For example: a filtering search has appeared in the projects, quick links have been added to the interface to go to projects, in all reports containing the personality questionnaire DEEP and DEEP Drivers, the names of some scales have been changed, in individual reports based on the results of passing the loyalty questionnaire DEEP Integrity, the description of personality catalysts has been corrected for more simple understanding.

To make it easier for you to navigate the system, we are planning to make newsletter newsletters, in which we will talk about the unobvious "tricks" of the new system.

If you have any questions, please send them to us at the technical support address: help@ontargetsystem.ru

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