Course “Professional testing”

The training course Professional Testing is intended for people who want to become professional users of ability tests and plan to use professional personality questionnaires in their practice.

The training course attention focuses on the issues of test administration, interpretation of the results and decision-making on the basis of the assessment, while the underlying principles for the selection of tests depending on the position (functional duties), validity and reliability issues of test methodologies are discussed.

The program also includes a study of the most comprehensive and informative questionnaire 15FQ+. A great deal of attention is paid to the issues of interpreting personality scales and combining them, decision-making based on the results of the questionnaire, the provision of feedback based on test results.

In addition, participants at the training course become acquainted with other questionnaires: motivational, typological loyalty questionnaire.

After training, the participants become certified users of ability tests and personality questionnaires 15FQ+, DEEP Driver and WAI.

Goal of the training
The main goal of the training is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that make it possible to correctly perform testing and use professional personality questionnaires.

After the end of the training course, the participants will receive:

  1. Textbook with the foundations of the theory of professional testing and personality questionnaires and booklet with practical assignments.
  2. Detailed Manual on the interpretation of the personality questionnaire 15FQ+.
  3. Catalog of tests and questionnaires.
  4. Report catalog.
  5. Certificate of the user of ability tests and personality questionnaires.
  6. Units for a personality account in the GeneSys system for the assessment of three people with the help of the questionnaire 15FQ+.

The Professional Testing training course is performed according to an international program, which complies with the standards and requirements of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Duration of the training course 3 days (basic course) from 10.00 to 18.00, including coffee and lunch breaks.

Format: open, corporate

The closest dates of open training

Additional module: 1-day training “Competencies Assessment by Psychimetric Methods”