Certification at ONTARGET

As we provide our clients with access to assessment technologies, we should make sure that these methods are applied competently at the organizations of our clients. For this purpose we certify specialists in personnel assessment.

One of ONTARGET’s goals is to ensure compliance with international assessment standards in Russia and the post-Soviet space.

Therefore we offer our clients an opportunity to undergo training based on programs developed from the training course materials of our international partners.

We aim to ensure that the use of our tools yields the maximum benefit for our clients. This is only possible by correctly applying assessment tools, which we understand to mean:

  • the correct selection of methods for the resolution of a specific objective,
  • the correct performance of the assessment,
  • the correct interpretation of the assessment results,
  • compliance with ethical rules and confidentiality requirements
  • the correct application of assessment results.

Consequently we only sell assessment tools (ability tests, questionnaires, exercises for Assessment and Development Centers) to companies, whose employees have undergone certification.

The following are classified as certification training courses: