CRTB-2 (Critical Reasoning Test Battery) consists of 2 tests: VCR2 and NCR2. The VCR2 and NCR2 have been developed for potential high calibre staff of graduate ability or above. Appropriate for graduate recruitment and senior management assessment, these tests can be used to identify management potential and for further training and development needs. In addition, they are ideal for assessing those of graduate ability or equivalent to ensure that they have the required level of verbal and numerical ability.

CRTB-2 has been developed by Psytech Int. in 2001. In 2006, it was translated into Russian and adapted by ONTARGET. Please see Research for CRTB-2 reliability and validity data.

This test directly measures the ability to understand and critically evaluate a wide range of numerical information presented in tabular form, and accurately use this information in a logical way. Consequently, it forms a key assessment device for all managerial and technical positions which require a detailed understanding of financial, numerical and statistical data. The test consists of 25 items. Test duration is 25 minutes.

This test directly assesses the ability to understand semi-technical reports and accurately draw logical conclusions and inferences from such written information. Consequently, it forms a key assessment device for all managerial and professional jobs which require quick and reliable interpretation of written reports and appropriate decision making. The test consists of 40 items. Test duration is 25 minutes.

CRTB-2 is available in paper&pencil version and online in GeneSys system.