Contact with Customers

The battery consists of 2 tests: “Understanding Numerical Information” and “Understanding Verbal Information”. These tests are intended for candidates applying for positions that involve working with clients i.e. commercial agents, consultants, service department workers etc.

“Contact with Customers” was designed by ONTARGET in 2004 using Russian-language business materials: business periodicals, Internet articles, financial reviews, marketing and social research etc.

“Contact with Customers” is available in a paper & pencil version and online in the ONTARGET system. In the online version, questions are randomly selected from a large pool of questions (90 for the numerical test and 100 for the verbal test).

Understanding Numerical Information
This test assesses the applicant’s ability to work with numerical the information represented in tables, diagrams and graphs and make basic calculations. The test consists of 29 questions and lasts 25 minutes.

Understanding Verbal Information
This test assesses the applicant’s ability to understand text information: letters, instructions, articles etc. The test consists of 33 questions and lasts 18 minutes.

At present, the following norm groups are available for this battery:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Managers