We offer batteries of occupational ability tests for employees at different levels: Analyzing Information, Interpreting Information, Working with Information, Contact with Customers, Following Instructions and CRTB-2.

When designing our tests, we relied on a large number of job descriptions and information on the functions of managers at different levels, qualified specialists and administrative staff in various Russian and multinational companies. Employees may need different skills and knowledge depending on the company’s business area or their position, but almost all positions require working with text information, tables, diagrams and schemes. These can take the form of memos, orders, articles, web-information, price-lists, analytical articles, year-end reports and so on. We used these types of texts as a basis for our tests.

All tests are time-limited (from 10 to 25 minutes each depending on the type of test). Before starting to answer the main series of questions, all applicants have unlimited time to work with example questions to familiarize themselves with the typical tasks in the test. After successfully completing the examples, participants begin the test and the time countdown starts.

ONTARGET tests can be taken in a paper & pencil version and online. A set of materials for one battery includes:

  • Booklet with tests
  • Answer sheets for each tests (with key)
  • Administrator’s instructions for each test