Jung Type Indicator (JTI)

Developed as a modern alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® this test assesses personality within the framework of Jung’s type theory of personality. In addition to classifying a person’s type this test provides scores for each of the type dimensions thereby offering a more detailed description of the candidate’s personality than is provided by most type indicators.

The Jung Type Indicator assesses a person’s psychological type using the categories first proposed by the Swiss Psychologist C.G. Jung. These are (EI) Extraversion vs. Introversion, (TF) Thinking vs. Feeling and (SN) Sensing vs. Intuiting. An additional scale, (JP) Judging-Perceiving reflects whether the respondent adopts a judging attitude (thinking or feeling) or a perceptive attitude (sensing or intuition) towards the world. Measuring a person’s thinking style and the way they deal with information, this test is particularly useful for counseling, guidance, team building and examining how people will interact in group settings.