360° Feedback

360° Feedback Questionnaires is an assessment tool which enables organizations to evaluate employees on the basis of their behavior in real work situations and their professional characteristics. The data is collected by questioning the person being assessed and those individuals he/she interacts with — supervisor, colleagues, and in some cases, clients.

The main purpose of 360° Feedback is to provide the employee with information on his/her competency assessment. The benefit of using this system is that the person assessed can compare his/her self-evaluation with how other people at work evaluate his/her behavior.

360° Feedback is one of the most popular sources of information for developing employees nowadays. This type of assessment is particularly effective for defining training needs and individual development planning. We do not, however, recommend using it as the only source for personnel planning or any other human resources actions such as promotion, salary review or termination.

ONTARGET offers a new online 360° evaluation system. Online evaluation has the following benefits:

  • Reducing administration costs.
  • Automatic data processing.
  • Automatic reporting and design of a development plan based on the results.

Automatic reports on 360° Feedback include:

  • Results of competency-based personnel assessment.
  • Descriptions of strengths and weaknesses of the assessed employee, problem areas and development needs.
  • Recommendations for developing weak competencies.
  • Open-ended comments from respondents.
  • Individual development plan template.