About us

Personnel assessment and development are among the most important areas of investment for a company that aims at being successful.

ONTARGET offers a number of tools specially designed for the Russian market to assess personnel in accordance with international standards. All tools are available both in Russian and in English. We offer occupational tests on professional abilities and occupational personality questionnaires. We also provide training on how to use these tools.

ONTARGET is a team of psychologists who are experienced in designing and using different methods of assessing personnel in Russian and multinational companies.

Our area of expertise is the design and adaptation for the Russian market of methods of personnel assessment that, though they have been used abroad for a long time, are new to this country. These include occupational ability tests, personality and motivational questionnaires, competency-based questionnaires and others. All our tools meet the following requirements:

  • They meet international standards, assessing those abilities that have been identified as essential for employees at different levels (top managers, middle and junior managers, administrative personnel and account managers);
  • They are designed in Russian to assess Russian-speaking employees of Russian and foreign companies, and also employees in former Soviet republics (Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others);
  • They are regularly validated.